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See the upcoming events in the Glacier calendar, including races and club events! Go»

Buy and Sell

Kids growing up? Duh! See what other members have for sale. Offer something. Go»

Ask a Coach

If you're unclear about any aspect of equipment selection, rules or technique, ask a coach or browse the FAQ. Go»


Read the newsflash and other announcements. Go»


Club resources and documents - members only! Go»


Registration is online: a simple and mostly automated process, which you can start from your home page once you have created an account with the "Join" link. Go»

For the technically inclined, read our ski tuning guides for parents.


Glacier Ski Club highly recommends all racers consider concussion baseline testing prior to season start so if a concussion occurs, there is a baseline test for the Doctors to compare against. Go to CMRG Ltd for information on their Concussion Management Program at the website below including an online concussion test:

See also: Home | Programs | Events | Membership | Contact | Members

Alpine Ontario

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