Glacier Slush Cup

The Glacier Slush Cup is a dual race of the top 32 boys and top 32 girls based on the results of the Skiesta race (Athletes only). 

Glacier Slush Cup Race Details

  • All athletes who wish to race must register by March 6
  • Top 32 boys and Top 32 girls who compete at Skiesta will qualify (Athletes only)
  • SL format starting at the halfway point on Ridge Run.
  • Race will begin following the Skiesta race. 
  • Start lists will be posted on Live Timing and posted on the TV at the base of the race.
  • Bibs will be distributed at the finish area.
  • The top seeded athlete will have course preference. The winner will advance to the next round.
  • Interim Results will be posted on the outdoor TV and via announcements.
  • Final results will be announced at the banquet.