Volunteer Policy

Glacier Ski Club is a non-profit club that relies on a team of volunteers to provide world-class ski race training at an affordable price.

Our board of directors is a working board and our members work often in excess of 100 hours a season to keep the organization running, to control costs and to provide the best training! The training your athlete enjoys is supported by our dedicated community of volunteers and this includes your family!

We require all families to contribute a minimum of 15 hours of volunteering to support our community.

In our experience, few of our Glacier families are unable to meet their volunteer obligations.

We recognize that there may be circumstances that arise during a season that limit the ability of a family to meet this obligation.

In the unfortunate and rare instance where a member does not complete their volunteer hours, effective this season (2022-3), a flat fee of $500 will be added to their account.

Families who wish to register their children with our club next year must clear any balance owing before registering for the current year.

Because our club is reliant on volunteers, Glacier Ski Club also reserves the right to refuse to register returning athletes if their families have failed to meet their volunteer obligations in the past.