Information for New Timers

Ski Race Help for New Timers

This page is meant for people who have never timed a race before in their life, but are interested in assisting for this coming season.

Each ski season, Glacier will host an annual hands-on clinic for "never-evers" and refreshers for past timers. We'll actually set up the equipment and go through an entire simulated race. This page is mandatory homework for people who plan to attend. Working through this material will get you most of the way to where you need to be.

There are approximately six hours of video you should watch ahead of time. I know that this is a lot, but it's better than being hit with this same six hours of information in one continuous live session. Here are the four video playlists you should watch:

1) A - Basic equipment: timers, start gates, finish eyes, wiring.
3) B - Split Second Software Tutorials.
3) D - Simulated Race: Running the first and second runs, work to do between and after.
4) Calculations and Timing Forms.